About Us

At Zephyr Water , our goal is to provide safe, clean, sparkling water to all of our residents! Zephyr Water Supply Corporation is a non-profit Corporation organized in 1969, for the purpose of furnishing a water supply for general farm use and domestic purposes to individuals residing in the rural community of Zephyr, Texas and the surrounding rural areas.  This includes the eastern and northerm side of Brown County, Texas.

The Corporation has grown over the years to 1550+ connections covering over several hundred square miles.  We have storage capacity of four ground storage tanks, two elevated towers, and one standpipe. This gives a total storage capacity of 1,350,000 gallons.

Zephyr Water Supply is very fortunate to have Lake Brownwood as our water source.  

We purchase treated water from Brown County Water Improvement District #1.  At the treatment plant, water from the lake is first screened to remove large objects.  Chemicals, known as coagulants are added and mixed into the water.  These chemicals do not stay in the water; instead they cause contaminants such as mud and algae to cling to them forming larger particls.  These settle to the bottom of the tanks and are removed mechanially.  The water then flows slowly through settling tanks where larger particles are allowed to sink to the bottom.  The water from these tanks passes through filters made of gravel and sand.  At this point the water is crystal clear, but before the water enters the distribution system, a small amount of chlorine and liquid ammonia is added.  Chlorine and ammonia must be added to prevent bacteria from developing.